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Distinctive and Elegant Windows &

French Doors




       Sliding Windows


Panel slides right-to-left or left-to-right on an

aluminum track.


Awning and Hopper Windows


These windows include all of the easement window

features, with awning windows normally swinging

out from the bottom and hopper windows swinging

in from the top.


        Double Hung Windows


Our Double hung windows are all perfectly counter-balanced

with hidden sash weights for superior ease of movement.


        Casement Windows


All of our casement windows include hidden friction

hinges to keep windows open even in string winds.  Available with casement operators for crank opening.


            French Door Units


Interior/Exterior 10-lite glass pattern.  Other lite patterns available.  All French Door Units are manufactured without

door knobs or deadbolts.  All units are fully weatherstrippep

and prehung.  Your choice of metal or wood astragal.



               Bay Windows


Bay windows come as three separate units.  Sill wings can be

mitered for any angle, from 90o to 180o when installing to

provide a continuous sill appearance.