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Custom Designs

Quality Materials

Time-Tested Craftsmanship

At Woodmaster Windows & French Doors, custom design is our specialty.  Not only can we adapt

to your existing framework, but we can also create new designs to fit into and enhance your own

unique plans and projects.  We use only top-quality materials, and our craftsmen are highly

skilled and experienced to provide you with the finest in workmanship.

Each Woodmaster Window and French Door comes to you as a fully-assembled unit, ready to be

installed.  In a world of plastics and nails, we keep alive the art of doweled and glued joints in every

sash and door we make.  Existing sashes can be duplicated by Woodmaster to any dimension,

thereby saving you from replacing the entire window, while maintaining the original appearance

of older buildings and homes.  Weatherstripping and design tolerances in our windows afford ease

of movement without rattles.

Woodmaster wood windows and doors enhance any building or home design, be it old or new,

adding a finishing touch that is distinctive and elegant.